BUILT ON TRADITION: 100 Back Tattoo Designs

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  • • Hard Cover Book with Hard Slip Case
  • • Forwards written by Krooked Ken and Dana Brunson
  • • 11x14 size book
  • • 100 pages of hand painted back tattoo designs by Tattoo Tilt
  • • 100 pages of secondary images and descriptive text

Author of Classic Flash In 5 Bold Colors and Classic Flash 2: In 5 Bold Colors, Jeromey "Tilt" McCulloch explores several tattoo art motifs ranging from Traditional American, Japanese, and other subject matter coming from varying source materials. Each painting is accompanied with a page of secondary images, preliminary sketches and explanations of how each painting was created. This book is your chance to see the 100 paintings and read about the process of making them.

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